Roberto Dimarco

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Roberto Di Marco grew up and was born in Rome, Italy on May the 13th 1946.

He attended university in Rome, qualifying with degrees in philosophy, psychology, criminology and forensic psychiatry.

This academic background forged a platform for what was to come next in his life, and his diverse and divergent careers are a testament to a quizzical and investigative mind.

Roberto has worked as a teacher for handicapped children, taught literature in secondary school, history and philosophy in high school.
When he was 36 Roberto was teaching in Italy as a lecturer in the Department of Neurological Science at university. During this time he also was engaged in counselling work for couples and the mentally ill.

His research for his profession on the subject of an anthology of life saw Roberto living in southeast Asia, spending six months in Cebu in the Philippines and two years in Phuket, Thailand.

In 2014, his book  “What Do You Pack If You Are Never Coming Back” was published by Orchid Press. It is a compilation of 15 true life stories by expats who left their past behind them to start a new life in a foreign country.

Roberto Di Marco

His career has included being a journalist, writer, psychologist, criminologist and forensic psychiatrist.

He has also been a consultant to a Roman court for the psychiatric examinations and in psychiatric investigation cases related to crime or disappearance.

Roberto Di Marco is probably best known for his writing, and has written books, contributed to magazines, been a regular columnist in periodicals, a prolific writer of scientific material and even a playwright.

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