What Do You Pack? If You’re Never Coming Back

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What Do You Pack? If You’re Never Coming Back…

Today on the internet you can invent a second life, another yourself, but between virtual and real life there is a big difference. Roberto Di Marco went to investigate those who have chosen to reinvent themselves in distant lands.

Marina Roscani, corriere adriatico


This book invites us to look inside of ourselves. It’s an honest, engaging testimony in which we can recognize our own states of mind and gain a clear view of the adopted countries, from the inside as well as from the outside… but sometimes with a hint of nostalgia for our roots. It gives us an awareness of being the masters of our own fate and not just victims of the System.

Anna Maspero, Acomeavventura, March 2008.

Romantic but interesting stories

Claudio Paglieri “ Il Secolo XIX “

The are those who, one day, made the big leap, who chose to invent another life

La Repubblica” july 2007

Extreme but interesting stories

Il Tirreno

The wanderer above the sea of mists painted by Caspar David Friedrich shows us man facing the great expanse of nature, seeking answers. It’s an image that makes you think, that is emblematic of romantic feeling: escape, infinity, freedom from earthly trifles. The latest book by Roberto Di Marco manages to capture the same feelings that reverberate throughout humanity.

Francesca Del Grande. Latina Oggi, August 2007.

The contrast between old and the new makes for fascinating reading

Mark ONeill   “South China Morning Post “ 2014

This is a book that is certainly worth reading. It may just change your life

Jonathan Copeland “ Jakarta Globe” June 24, 2014

The expatriate hovers on the edge of two worlds and enjoys the feeling of foreignness and spontaneity, free of role-playing and formality.

Claudio Visentin, Sole 24 Ore, November 2007.

The stories recount real introspective journeys through new worlds and unknown landscapes, in which one must question the certainties accumulated during an entire lifetime. An engaging, dramatic and passionate text that tells of the real conditions of life in foreign countries, known otherwise only by the clichés of the media.

Melina Chiapparino, ROMA, September 2007.

The discovery of new countries evolves into revelations about yourself, as your involvement in new surroundings reveals unknown sides of your consciousness.

Nuovo Rieti Oggi, September 2007.

The book is a fascinating mix of adventure… We live the daily life of foreign countries and understand the mechanisms that have allowed some of the characters to fit into a new culture.

Patrizia Andriola, CulturaSpettacolo.it, July 2007.

* review excerpts translated from the original Italian

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Interview July 8 2015 Toko Buku

Review By Lang Reid

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