The Games Couples Play

Interview to “L’espresso” (Italian magazine) about the book “Il Gioco Delle Coppie”  May 1998

From the book “Lo scambio”:

“Cosmopolitan” Review 

“Il Messaggero” 11 october 1995

Review  ” Il TEMPO ” 31 Agoust 1995

” Il Gazzettino di Venezia” – Review

“Playboy Italia n°11” November 1995 – Review 

“Penthouse” – Review

Interview for “L’Espresso” 28 Jenuary 1999

Conference in Rome “Is the Fidelity or Infidelity to destroy the couple?” 16 November 1995

From the book “Lo scambio”:  Castelvecchi November 2000. Interview in Italian to Roberto Di Marco, from the book “Lo scambio”. This book is an investigation on the world of the couple, through the opinion of major Italian experts and intellectuals with different cultural backgrounds, as Achille Bonito Oliva, Danilo Mainardi, Willy Pasini, Sabino Acquaviva, Paolo Crepet,  and others.