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Are you ready to drop everything and make a new life?


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Up to 50 points

You are better off taking an organised week-long break. Certain environments aren’t for you.

From 51 to 75 points

Maybe you’d like to, but it’s not for you. If you really want to go on an adventure, better take a year’s sabbatical, or even better, six months. That way you don’t have to burn any bridges with your current life.

From 76 to 90 points

It will take a big effort and you’ll have to make sacrifices but you could do it. So long as it’s a country that’s not culturally too different from your own.

From 91 to 115 points

Maybe you don’t know it but a new life could open up in front of you. You are very stimulated and open to new realities and are able to change some of your habits. You’re disposed to leading a different life, within your cultural frame of reference, i.e., in an environment that’s not uncomfortable or too far from your own culture.

From 116 to 136 points

For you, cultural diversity is a strong motivation, not an obstacle. Be careful though: your open and unprejudiced nature can lead to imprudence at times.